DEPENDING ON YOUR PHONE, you can connect with TNY Foundation from anywhere!

For Iphone, go to your app store or on the Android go to your play store. Type in the search field one word all together "Click2give", (The Click2Give Icon is a globe with children holding hands around it)

You will click on the TNY connect at the bottom of the page that is where it will show you the map/grid

The concept is that families login through Facebook and put in the comment section their profile the parent’s 1st name, age of child, male or female, and a brief description of what therapies the child has already under taken. As more families log into the platform they will be able to see other families that are going
through similar situations.

We also want organizations providing services for children to login and put in the comment section their profile, name of their organization, what services they provide. Once that information is entered families can see what services are available closest to their location.

We want the Corporate sectors involvement as well, i.e. restaurants, car dealerships, etc... When they login to the app they can put in the comment section their profile name of their establishment & what discounts/concessions they will give to the families with children on Autism Spectrum... It will encourage families to go out like other families knowing that Corporations, Organizations, and Restaurants are supporting families that deal with children on the autism spectrum. Knowing they are supported by the community both emotionally and financially in the form of a discount... It is a win for all. Let’s all do our part to help these children and their families.

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Tomorrow Is Not Yesterday Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to helping families and children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.